Patent Registration

What is patent?

Patent registration in Trichy is important since patents rights are more certain than any other forms of the legal protection available. When a valid patent is given the innovator can enjoy the strong legal protection. When the patent has been granted the inventor can enjoy 20 years of exclusivity. Hence it indicates that the patent holders can protect his or her invention and excludes the others from the market.

The owner of the patent can receive the damages for the infringements. As it is understood that patented inventions are more secure than un-patented ones the patent has strong legal protection there are much possibilities to have the investment funds. Applying for the patent is challenging but it is critical for some established businesses. It brings the monetary benefits and honor to the inventors in return.


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Basic criteria of patent

  • To apply for the patent an individual need to meet the following criteria for applying a patent.
  • It should be innovative and novel
  • Innovation should involve with creative and non-obvious steps
  • Form of Industrial application which needful one for the public usage
  • Mainly, the idea of invention not previously filed among the patent

Importance of patent registration:

Patent registration protects your ideas. A patent is mainly registering to secure the inter-process of manufacturing and other focal functionalities. A patentee can enjoy the legal right and it protects the business exploitation from the same business market. The Patent registration is not only recommending for massive industries, but also scientific invention relating to all the technical fields.